Moondancer was ‘hove too’ about 3 miles off of Cabo San Lucas, Southern most tip of Baja. The wind was light and the sun was about to rise.  Hooving too means setting the sails to work against each other so the boat doesn’t go anywhere yet remains stable. My brother ‘Mark’  (asleep in his bunk) and I were waiting for daylight before heading in. This was the first time either one of us had been to Cabo San Lucas.  The engine wasn’t working so we would have to sail into the unfamiliar anchorage, find a spot and drop the hook.  “Why be so nervous? The old time sailors did this all the time. They never had engines. Just because I am a first time skipper,  first time sailor for that matter, is no reason to be paranoid. Is it?  What’s the worst thing that can happen? Run aground?  Hit another boat? Get swept into the rocks and put a hole in old Moondancer?” I decided to make some coffee and think things through again.

KERSPPLOOSH! “WHAT WAS THAT? I scanned the surface and saw the concentric circles spreading out.  Something really big had broken the water.  Then it happened again, a humpback whale breached a hundred yards away.“WOW, Awesome. Mark wake up and check this out!” We watched the whales and drank our coffee. I was amazed at their size and grace. forgetting completely about sailing to anchor.  After they had gone on their way and the sun was well up, I felt good about the job.  We sailed right in, made a sweep through the anchorage to find the best spot and dropped the hook with room to spare.  Mark and I felt pretty salty that morning alright. This sailing business was going to be lots of fun!